Extended range of 3D data formats via CADENAS integration

In this context, 3D data models in particular form the decisive basis for simpler design of systems and assemblies.


In this area, ipf electronic is now expanding the circumference of available data models for a wide range of software solutions in the design environment. This is made possible by a CADENAS integration on the ipf electronic homepage.


CADENAS is one of the leading software developers and providers in the field of strategic parts management and electronic CAD product catalogs.


Thanks to the CADENAS integration, users on the ipf electronic homepage now have the option of viewing a virtual 3D model of the selected product in an overlay, measuring it or moving the model freely in space. Registered users of the CADENAS PARTcommunity also have the option of creating and downloading CAD models in all common formats.


We are pleased to be able to offer real added value with this new service when integrating ipf products into design projects.