ipf internal sales team refuels power

Challenging years lie behind the internal sales team of ipf electronic. Reason enough to stimulate the common and personal growth by an exciting training with workshop. Under the motto "Growing together and personally: More freedom in the head and more mental strength", the team met in two groups under the guidance of Bettina Zeidler (kommweit).


The objective was clear: In addition to individual ways for more inner freedom, the focus was on recognizing strengths and using them for the team. At the same time, trust in each other was to grow.


Although one date took place in presence and a second online, the training was equally well evaluated. With the help of a diverse mix of topics and work in small groups, the team was introduced to various techniques. By dealing with the participants in an appreciative manner, Ms. Zeidler succeeded in creating a trusting atmosphere in which challenging everyday situations were discussed and reflected upon. The team of the internal sales department received many new impulses and also had a lot of fun. An all-around successful event!