New CNC machining center

Time to market - the time from the idea to the finished product - is crucial for a successful market launch. Particularly in the development of customer-specific products - one of ipf electronic's strengths - rapid realization is enormously important, as our device, for example a new type of sensor, is often just one component of a complex system whose completion depends on the successful implementation of our product.


In order to meet this requirement even better, we have been using a new CNC machining center for several weeks now. With a dead weight of 7.2 tons and a part weight of up to 250kg, the 5-axis machine offers a repeat accuracy of 0.002mm during machining. With this ultra-modern system, we now produce injection molding tools, parts for prototypes, for the construction of operating equipment and for small series quickly and cost-effectively in-house, regardless of the schedules of external suppliers.