New training jackets for little kickers

ipf electronic thought so too and sponsored training jackets for the F3/F4 juniors (U9) of FC Tannenhof in Düsseldorf. The idea was an obvious one, as the father of one of the young players is an employee of the company.


The soccer club was founded in 1950 and currently has around 460 members, 220 of whom are youngsters. The club does not have to worry about recruiting new players, as it is growing rapidly. After all, an average of two youngsters join the club every week. Such enthusiasm naturally also pleases the coaches of the F3/F4 juniors, Stefan Lüer and Sven Fritsche, who recently received the new training jackets from ipf electronic and distributed them among the beaming children. The jackets come just in time for the start of the colder season, as the 18 little footballers complete two training sessions and one game every week.


Incidentally, the team's motto is: "One for all - all for one". And with the new training jackets, everyone can now see instantly that the little footballers are a great team.