Students from the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences visit ipf electronic

On May 3, students from the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences accepted an invitation to visit ipf electronic. The aim of the tour was to provide an insight into the operating procedures and work processes of our company.


The tour began at 13:30 with a brief introduction by the company's management. The guests were then guided through the various departments.


During the tour of the entire company, they were given the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the employees, ask questions and find out about the various activities and processes in the company.


Our guests in the Product Management department were particularly impressed by the demonstration of a new, innovative camera sensor, which can be used to reliably identify and read low-contrast markings on metal parts in a current customer project.


Our development department also aroused great interest among the students. They were able to find out about the various phases of the development process and had the opportunity to see prototypes and test setups. On the subsequent tour of the production department, our visitors gained an insight and were able to get an idea of innovative production technology, while many interesting questions about the details of the manufacturing process were answered.


In the final round of questions, our guests rated the tour of the company as very informative and interesting. They were able to gain a comprehensive insight into the company, get an idea of how the theoretical knowledge from their studies is put into practice and get to know areas of responsibility for graduates from a wide range of specialist areas.


For ipf electronic, the event was a good opportunity to present itself as an attractive employer and to learn about the current expectations of the prospective engineers. It is likely to be repeated.