A time lapse of the construction of our company headquarters

There are also some figures relating to the former construction site – and they make for thoroughly impressive reading. The basis of the new company building comprises approximately 2,460 metric tons of mix-on-site concrete with over 16 metric tons of steel reinforcement in the foundations and the floor slab. On top of this, there are 835 precast concrete members, such as pillars, structural slabs, beams und facade panels, made from over 3,000 metric tons of concrete and reinforced with over 167 metric tons of steel. Even though the quantity seems large when considered in isolation, it is surprisingly little material when you take into account the size of the building.


By designing the structural slabs as "hollow-core prestressed concrete" precast members, it was possible to use up to 50 percent less material, therefore also reducing the weight. The external walls of the building, which comprise almost 3,000 square meters in total, consist of 1,550 square meters of facade and 1,450 square meters of window area. There are a further 6,400 square meters of built area around the building. And there are 6,225 square meters of drywall inside the building, more than 6,000 square meters of floor area and over 4,100 square meters of suspended ceiling area. Combined, this corresponds to the area of two soccer pitches complete with roofing and stands – plenty of space to allow our team to play at their best. In addition, over 14,500 square meters have been painted, with multiple coats in places, to ensure that our corporate colors are clearly visible.


More than 62 kilometers of cable were needed to supply electricity to all of the electrical consumers in the building. A duplex line network – equivalent to 40 kilometers in length – was routed to facilitate data transfer. Last but not least, fire alarm and burglar alarm lines amounting to an overall length of 27.5 kilometers were installed to ensure safety and security. This would be sufficient to connect all of the old sites with one another, supply their energy, and supply their safety and security technology with voltage and enable it to communicate.


Here is the link to a YouTube video where you can watch the time lapse showing the construction progress: