ipf for future

The new building of the ipf group is not only optically and functionally an eye-catcher, but also has a lot to offer in terms of sustainability. Ecological quality was an important criterion in many planning decisions.


Already during the selection of the site and the construction of the building, value was placed on long usability and the possibility of expansion. The compact design as well as the orientation of the new building towards the south contribute to the energy efficiency.


The energy demand of the building is reduced by an optimal thermal insulation of the building envelope as well as by thermal insulation glazing. A so-called blower-door test to prove airtightness has confirmed the excellent energy efficiency value aimed for. At the same time, a photovoltaic system on the entire roof of the building generates electricity for its own use. The electricity required beyond this is obtained from hydropower. Charging points for cars are provided in the parking lots.


The system technology used in the new ipf building is based on the supply of energy, air and water in accordance with the building's use, as well as on heat recovery by means of a heat pump system. After completion of the construction measures, a planting of the site with native trees and bushes is planned.