Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

The health of our employees is very important to us.


People cannot live without vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They are necessary for building cells, blood cells, bones and teeth. They fulfil important tasks in metabolism and in the interaction of nerves and muscles. Vitamin A, for example, is important for vision, vitamin D for calcium absorption and healthy bones.


Because the human organism cannot produce vitamins, with few exceptions, minerals and trace elements itself, they must be taken in through food - especially through vegetables and fruit rich in vitamins and minerals.


That is why ipf electronic now offers weekly vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the form of fruit and vegetables.


We are supplied by the Lüdenscheid-based family business "mymarktstand", which has 20 years of experience with fresh fruit and vegetables.


Like us at ipf, the company attaches great importance to sustainability and therefore delivers the goods in re-usable cardboard boxes.


The close personal contact and direct exchange with the Yildiz family offers weekly flexibility in the selection of products.


Our employees are enthusiastic about the first deliveries, as some voices show:


"The flat peaches, peaches and nectarines are very tasty"
– Diana Li Pira (Foreign Language Documentation)


"I left my candy drawer alone today. Great thing really, thanks!"
– Gülcan Aydin (Fairs / Technical Product Design)


"The tomatoes are just great"
– Tanja Stoltmann-Kramer (Internal Sales Germany/ Central Office)