Less is more? Quite the opposite!

Sustainability is not only an outstanding trend of our time, but above all an awareness of the responsible use of the resources available to us.


Therefore, companies have a responsibility to take appropriate measures in as many areas as possible and at all conceivable levels so that sustainability becomes an essential part of their own corporate culture.


More energy efficiency plus renewables


We already took decisive steps in this direction several years ago with the construction of the new company headquarters. The energy-efficient building has a photovoltaic system, which we use to cover a large part of our own electricity requirements. In addition, we use electricity from renewable energy sources without exception for our additional needs. We have also installed vehicle charging stations powered by green electricity in the parking lots adjacent to the building.


More living space for bees & co


In the case of the green spaces and slopes around the building, the focus is not on simple maintenance, but rather on more ecologically sensible use. For this reason, meadows of scattered flowers are currently being planted here, among other things, where insect hotels are also to be created. Here we can count on the commitment of our employees because they are so enthusiastic about this idea that a team is devoting its free time to this task.


More recyclable materials and digitization


We have also identified a great deal of potential for greater sustainability within the company itself.


For example, we have been using only business paper and envelopes made from recycled paper for some time now. We will gradually switch to environmentally friendly paper for other print products such as brochures and flyers. This also applies to our packaging, where we intend to use only tubular bags made of recyclable materials in the future, for example.


Against this backdrop, we will also abolish the "tried and true" paper filing system and, in parallel, replace the number of printers in the company with central printing systems and instead focus even more intensively on digitization, which also offers potential in terms of CO2reductions.


More CO2 savings


For example, home office work, which proved its worth during the pandemic, can be continued as an offer for our employees to avoid long journeys to the company by car. We are also making increasing use of our modern IT infrastructure for online meetings, which also enable us to significantly reduce long journeys to meetings. But we are thinking a little further ahead here and are bringing regional service providers on board so that delivery routes can be shortened, and emissions reduced as a result.


All in all, we see ourselves on a good path with these steps, which we will continue to pursue consistently, because for us, more is just less.