Who knows forests and nature? Family hiking day around the Heesfeld mill

Hiking is fun and something the whole family can enjoy. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were denied this joy for a long time. After three years, our employees and their families were finally able to go hiking again. An exciting experience for the children, as they also went on a treasure hunt.


In the best Sauerland summer weather, the families met at the Heesfeld mill, a lovingly restored cultural monument with a watermill. At the start of the six-kilometre hike, all the children - and a few enterprising adults - were given a treasure map. This contained a number of tricky tasks that had to be solved relating to the forest and nature.


After the first strenuous ascent (18% gradient), everyone was rewarded with a water ice, which should be enough motivation for the remaining kilometers. The route continued from Heesfeld via Halverscheid towards Grünewald, past numerous farms and paddocks, and then over mountains back to the Heesfeld mill.


There, a well-stocked treasure chest was waiting for everyone, which the children in particular loved. And Teresa Brunsmeier, the good soul of the mill, gave them a special highlight for the day: a visit to Günther and Gustav in the pasture.


And while the children were allowed to touch, stroke and feed the cows, Teresa explained where she got the animals from, how much they weigh and what to look out for when stroking and feeding them. The children visibly enjoyed themselves and the tame cows their food. And the adults didn't go away empty-handed either, as they celebrated the end of the wonderful day of hiking with sausages, salads and refreshing drinks.