All-rounder for precise distance measurements from ipf

For applications in which the distance to an object is to be determined, sensors with analog output are required. Here it is helpful if the measuring range of the sensor can be adapted to the local conditions in order to use the complete analog current range also for smaller areas. ipf electronic therefore presents the OT450021 which works with visible red light.


While ultrasonic sensors are often used for distance measurement on larger objects, the detection of small parts with high resolution is often a task for laser sensors, which are, however, mostly expensive due to their complex technology.


The OT450021 can be a real alternative here. The sensor integrates a point-source LED as the emitting element, which generates a sharply outlined light spot (diameter between 5mm and 8mm depending on the distance) with high luminous intensity and a narrow beam angle. This makes the sensor not only very easy to adjust, but also ideal for detecting small objects, with a resolution varying between 0.1mm and 1mm depending on the selected working range.


The OT450021 has a range of 60mm to 550mm. Within this range, the analog current output (4...20mA) can be parameterized completely freely. In addition, the device has a PushPull switching output, also with freely selectable switching points.The sensor enables both range monitoring (window function) and the setting of a fixed switching threshold (one-point mode) via teach-in.


With the aid of the integrated IO-Link interface, the OT450021 is also even easier to parameterize, whereby, for example, start and end values for the outputs can be entered directly as a numerical value in millimeters. In addition, the interface enables further convenient settings that can also be made during operation, such as the activation of various time functions. Last but not least, the diffuse-reflection sensor offers various teach modes and an additional virtual switching output that can be evaluated via IO-Link.


And if the sensor does need to be replaced, all previously stored parameters can be easily transferred to the new device via IO-Link.