It gets right to the point

The OT080176 optical sensor is currently one of the smallest diffuse-reflection sensors with background suppression in cylindrical design (M8) in the ipf electronic portfolio. This makes the sensor an ideal solution for the exact presence detection of materials and changing objects in applications with particularly cramped installation situations.  


The integrated point-source LED as a transmitting element provides the sensor with a sharply defined point of light (red light). This allows the sensor to be aligned very precisely and also enables highly accurate object detection. The sensing range of the OT080176, which is adjustable via a potentiometer, is between 7mm and 30mm. The correct range setting can be read off the LED integrated in the sensor housing, which also indicates the functional reserve.


Since the compact diffuse-reflection sensor has background suppression, it detects objects almost independently of their color and surface structure. Accordingly, it is also able to cleanly blank out any components that are located behind the object. The OT080176 has a switching frequency of 450Hz, a response/decay time of 1.11ms and is designed for harsh industrial use in an ambient temperature range of -5°C to +55°C with protection class IP67. The electrical connection is made via a 3-pole M8-plug contact.