Significantly higher process reliability

Deep black objects and shiny or transparent components sometimes pose major problems for conventional optical diffuse-reflection sensors, so that detection is not always error-free. The new OT340571 optical diffuse-reflection sensors with background suppression from ipf electronic can overcome such challenges.


The response behavior of the sensor, which works with point-shaped blue light, is completely independent of the shape, color and structure of the objects to be detected, which means that it is characterized by a significantly higher process reliability compared to conventional diffuse-reflection sensors with red light.


Thanks to its compact design (34mm x 12mm x 20mm), the OT340571 in a robust ABS housing with M8-connector is also suitable for confined installation conditions. The sensor has a push-pull switching output and is designed for switching distances of 10mm to 200mm.


The background suppression can be precisely set via teach-in or via the integrated IO-Link interface. Via IO-Link, the sensor also offers other interesting features, such as a window function, an on/off delay or frequency monitoring. Due to the visible light spot, the sensor can be aligned very easily and is thus quickly ready for operation.