Real novelty: Straight 3-pole M8 sensor actuator coupling with LED indicator

In response to many customer requests, ipf electronic now offers 3-pole M8 couplings for sensor-actuator cables with LED indicator in straight design.


The new compact solutions are now available with single or double assembled connection cables. The LEDs integrated in the coupling signal both the connection to the operating voltage (green) and the status of the PNP switching output (yellow). Due to the design, the LEDs are visible from one direction at a time.


The simply assembled sensor-actuator cables with free cable end are available in three lengths: 2m (VK200275), 5m (VK500275) and 10m (VKA00275). Users have an even wider choice of double-terminated cables with lengths of 0.3m (VK030F76), 0.6m (VK060F76) 1m (VK100F76), 2m (VK200F76) and 5m (VK500F76)


All cables with cable sheathing made of polyurethane are suitable for highly flexible and thus often rough industrial use, as they are resistant to welding and oil suitable for drag chains with 5 million bending cycles and also free of silicones.