Every impact counts here!

When detecting robust parts on machine ejectors, overly sensitive sensor technology can quickly be damaged or destroyed. Therefore, ipf electronic has an interesting niche product in its portfolio with the YM500170 impact sensor.


The sensor in the aluminum housing (protection class IP67) convinces with a long service life and is particularly suitable for applications in which, for example, screws, rivets, stamped parts, springs, but also non-metallic parts must be detected and counted. The compact impact sensor (55mm x 50mm x 10mm) is simply mounted on a machine ejector, whereby it reacts exclusively to the physical impact of objects on the replaceable steel impact plate.


The YM500170 can detect up to 100 parts per second. A steel ball with a diameter of 3mm from a drop height of 20mm is specified as the minimum reference for reliable detection. The signal quality of light or fast falling objects can be optimized by an adjustable pulse stretching in the time range from 0.1 to 30ms


The electrical connection of the impact sensor is made via a 3-pole M8-plug-in contact protected against mechanical damage.