IO-Link frame light barriers

More application flexibility with new device series from ipf electronic


ipf electronic introduces a new series of frame light barriers with IO-Link interface that will successively replace the previous devices in the sensor specialist's portfolio.


The new devices can be operated in the same way as their predecessors, so that users of previous frame light barriers from ipf electronic do not have to make any changes. For example, the sensitivity of the new device series can be adjusted via a potentiometer as before. The second potentiometer for extending the output pulse is also still available. Likewise, the dimensions of the active zones are identical for the new frame light barriers: OH250570 (25mmx22mm), OH400570 (40mmx49mm), OH700570 (70mmx62mm), OHK00570 (100mmx92mm), OHKE0570 (150mmx142mm), OHLE0570 (250mmx242mm) and OHM00570 (300mmx398mm).


What is new, however, is the IO-Link interface, which makes the parameterization of the frame light barriers even more flexible and also offers some interesting additional functions. For example, the transmitter and receiver can now be recalibrated in the respective installation situation via IO-Link and thus matched to each other in an application-specific manner.


Along with the "static" and "dynamic" operational modes already known from the predecessors, the "shading" and "peak value" modes are now additionally available. The "shading" mode is ideal for presence, position and feature checks. Among other things, it is possible to remove the front cross-arm of the frame light barriers without sacrificing switching accuracy and to use the devices as forked light barriers. This then makes it possible to implement web edge control in a simple manner.

With the "peak value" mode, in turn, falling objects can be verified and distinguished on the basis of their size.