Compact, multifunctional logic modules

VL31 device series from ipf now also with IO-Link


In recent years, logic distributors with M12 and M8 sensor slots have become increasingly important and have therefore been continuously further developed by ipf. Two years ago, the sensor specialist presented logic distributors with M12 sensor ports and an IO-Link interface for the first time. Now this technology is also available in the particularly compact logic modules of the VL31-series with M8 slots.


The new solutions are available in two versions: with four or eight three-pin M8 sensor slots (VL310304 and VL310308). A further five-pin M12-connector is used for the connection of the connection cable to a control unit (PLC). 

Thanks to IO-Link, the new logic modules can be used flexibly for AND or OR operations, among other things, which significantly reduces the number of variants of distribution terminals for linking digital sensor signals in the field. 


The modules have two digital switching outputs that are connected to two PINs of the M12-connector. By default, one output is assigned the AND link and the second the OR link of all input signals. However, both switching outputs can be set as required using an IO link mas-ter (e.g. VY000005). Along with selecting the switching function normally open (factory setting) or normally closed (nc), the switching behavior can also be set between positive switching / PNP (factory setting) or negative switching / NPN. Furthermore, e.g. the logic oper-ations of the slots can be flexibly selected or sensor inputs that are not required can be deactivated. It is also possible to work with virtual group logic.


In addition to the familiar AND and OR logics, a third logic option is available with AND-SW, which also monitors the signal changes of each input so that malfunctions or material jams are recognized at an early stage.


The new logic modules in the VL31-series also have a debounce function that allows a signal to be routed via a mechanical contact. E.g. if the signal of a mechanical limit switch, plunger switch or roller limit switch is to be coupled to an input of the logic module, this function prevents the evaluation of several switching signals due to contact bounce of the switch.