High-precision laser sensor

New sensors recognize even the smallest objects


At the Hanover Fair ipf electronic presents high-precision diffuse reflection laser sensors.


The diffuse reflection laser sensors of series PT44 convince with a high repeatability of up to 10μm and a linearity deviation of just ±0.1% of full scale. These new devices thereby enable presence checking of even the smallest objects or the detection of overlaps in the case of very thin material.


ipf electronic offers the diffuse reflection laser sensors in three different versions with measuring ranges from 25 to 35mm, 35 to 65mm and 65 to 135mm as well as a beam diameter from 10 to 70µm.

The measured distance values are shown on the integrated, four-digit display of the diffuse reflection laser sensors that also serves as visualization of the menu navigation for configuration. Via three function buttons, numerous options such as, e.g., time-, window- or maximum-/minimum function can be set.


In addition to the selectable digital and analog output (0 to 5V DC), the devices offer an external input for triggering, for regulating the laser power or for setting the zero point. Due to their compact, robust construction in an aluminum housing, protection class IP67 and the range of functions the diffuse reflection laser sensors PT44 from ipf electronic facilitate optimum integration in all conceivable production processes.