Camera sensor with "flying eye"

During SPS IPC DRIVES Nuremberg, camera sensors of the OC53 (OptiCheck) series with C-mount lens connection will be on display at the ipf electronic booth.


If more complex inspection tasks need to be performed in applications at a specified working distance on working surfaces that may be larger or smaller in size, conventional camera sensors are usually pushed to their limits. The reason: a permanently mounted lens unavoidably has a specific magnifica-tion that is defined by its focal length.


Greater flexibility without such restrictions is, however, promised by the "multi-talents" of the OC53 series – compact camera sensors with a universal connection that now enable a completely free choice of lens. The devices are offered by ipf electronic in three versions with a resolution of 0.3 or 1.2 and 2 megapixels (1600 x 1200 pixels). Depending on camera resolution, a wide range of lenses are available, whereby a total of nine lenses with focal lengths from 4.2 to 75 mm are currently offered.


The camera sensors presented for the first time at Motek 2014 have the same range of functions as the "specialists" of the OC53 series without C-mount thread which, with their tiered test features, are oriented primarily towards special customer needs. Unlike these solutions, the "multi-talents" are available in two higher resolution levels and, thanks to their C-mount connection, open a much broader application spectrum. Another special feature of the devices with universal lens connection is their integrated flash controller. It supplies external light sources not only with power, but also optionally with the flash pulse (up to 48V / 4A) that is necessary for multiplying the brightness of the external lighting.


The potential fields of use of all sensors of the OC53 series cover a wide variety of feature inspections in the areas of position tracking, geometry, comparison and identification. The range of the series extends from the "all-rounder" to a system exclusively for identification tasks.