Compact cylinder sensors for T-groove mounting

ipf electronic presents the compact cylinder sensors MZA70176 and MZA70156 for querying the piston rod position of pneumatic cylinders with T-groove.


Both novelties have an optimized mounting concept for installation. For this purpose, the sensor housing is turned by 90 degrees, inserted into the T-groove from above, turned back again by 90 degrees and then fastened in the T-groove with a grub screw. As a result, the cylinder sensors are always accurately fixed and can even if a slight repositioning of the device in the T-slot should be required be securely fixed again.


The MZA70176 replaces the predecessor model MZ070176 and is designed for an operating temperature range up to + 70°C. Due to its very short length, this sensor is ideally suited for use in short pneumatic cylinders. The MZA70176 is connected via an oil-resistant PUR cable suitable for trailing chains.


With the MZA70156, ipf electronic is also presenting a cylinder sensor for T-groove mounting, which has been specially developed for applications with increased heat load through an extended operating temperature range up to + 130°C. This solution has a longer connecting cable made of Teflon (600mm) and is therefore suitable, for example, to query pneumatic cylinders on plastic injection tools.


The new MZA70176 and MZA70156 cylinder sensors in a robust metal housing are also extremely durable, have a high position accuracy and exact switching point reproducibility and, moreover, work completely wear-free.