Laser sensor with very high range

With the PT230020, ipf electronic is presenting a laser sensor with a clearly visible laser light spot in laser protection class 1, which can be used to achieve very high ranges of up to 5 meters in distance measurements.


The new device is available in protection classes IP67 / IP69k and works according to the time-of-flight-principle, i.e. the transit time measurement of a pulsed light pulse from the sensor transmitter to the receiver over a certain distance. A particular advantage of this method is that the range or the switching distance of the laser sensor is largely independent of the reflection properties of an object surface. Thus, not only glossy surfaces, but also dark objects can be detected very well with the novelty of ipf electronic, if they reflect sufficient light.


The new laser sensor is set via teach-in, whereby the analog output supplies a distance-proportional output signal of 4…20mA or the presence of an object can be teached via the switching output of the device. The device achieves a switching frequency ≤ 250Hz and an update rate of the analog output of 2ms. Accordingly, the sensor is capable of outputting a measured value up to 500 times per second.


Since the laser sensor also has an IO-Link interface, there is no obstacle to seamless integration into Industrial Ethernet.