Optional additional system intelligence

The safety light curtains (category 4) of the OY32 (finger and hand protection) and OY36 (body protection) series from ipf electronic can optionally be equipped with a muting function. Even safety light curtains already in use can be retrofitted.


Muting is a method for briefly automatically deactivating the protective function of a safety light curtain during a cycle to transport the conveyed material into a protected area unimpeded.

The safety light curtains of the OY32 and OY36 series from ipf electronic can be expanded with muting relay AO98A980 and muting sensors for this purpose. If the conveyed material passes a light curtain, the muting sensors must generate a specific signal sequence in order to start the muting cycle. Thus, a person is not able to activate the cycle via the muting relay by intervening or entering the protected field.


With the optional accessory for the light curtains, both sequential as well as cross muting can be realized. With sequential muting, a number of sensors connected in series (two before and two after the protected field) are activated one after the next by the conveyed material within the protected field. For cross muting, only two sensors are necessary; their detection range is arranged in a cross. The muting cycle starts if both sensors are activated by the conveyed material.

The maximum permissible duration of the muting event can be set in 10 steps from 10s to infinity. The muting cycle of the light curtains is also signaled via a muting lamp.


The OY32 safety light curtains for finger and hand protection are available with protected field heights from 150 to 1800mm and a resolution of 14mm as well as a range of up to 6m (finger protection) or with a resolution of 30mm and a range of up to 19m (hand protection). The safety light curtains for body protection (OY36) are offered with protected field heights of 500, 800, 900 and 1200m (range up to 50m), whereby the light curtains integrate 2 to 4 light axes depending on the model.