„Smart“ calculations and application requests

With the sensor app, ipf electronic introduced more than eight years ago, one of the first applications of this kind for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating system. In version 4.0.1. the app was now amongst others supplemented by two new practice-oriented features.


In addition to the extensive range that can also be found on the website of the sensor specialist, such as: As the online store and the product search for product features or article numbers, the app now integrates a calculation tool for safety light grid and a so-called "application request" with free feasibility analysis.


Easily calculate the safety distance

With the new calculation tool, the distance between a safety light curtain and the danger zone can be quickly determined by entering only a small amount of data. For this purpose, only the choice of the mounting position of the light curtain (vertical or horizontal), the input of the protective field height, the distance between the transmitter and receiver and the follow-up time of a dangerous movement is required. The tool then calculates the safety distance of a light curtain to the danger zone and lists the corresponding products from the ipf electronic portfolio with detailed information.


Christian Fiebach, Managing Director of ipf electronic: "From our experience, e.g. the distance of safety light curtains is often underestimated in practice. Thus, for example, a vertically mounted system with a field height of 1000mm with a follow-up time of a machine of 0.2s would have to have a distance of 478mm to the danger zone. With a follow-up time of 0.3s, this distance increases to more than 638mm. Our very easy-to-use calculation tool therefore also sensitizes users in some ways to the importance of correctly determining such distances."


Free feasibility check

Under the menu item "request" there is also newly added the offer to make a so-called application request and request a free feasibility check in this context. Here, users have the opportunity to describe in a few words a concrete application for which a specific sensor solution is sought. In addition, images of the application can be made with the smartphone and sent with the request. As part of a feasibility check, ipf electronic then checks which sensor is suitable for the application.


"Our app is always available, even though we do not have office hours right now. The application request thus allows you to sketch a specific application completely independent of the time of day and to send us the information, if required including photos, so that we can check which solution is suitable. With the two new features in the latest version of our app, we thus offer further added value for the practice," says Christian Fiebach.