Systems for automatic presence and movement monitoring

Nowadays, systems for automatic presence and movement monitoring are essential in many branches of industry. The many potential application areas of such systems require an equally large number of different solutions. During SPS IPC DRIVES, ipf electronic will therefore be placing special focus on this topic, whereby the range of products from the sensor specialists from Lüdenscheid spans from optical sensors to multifunction light barriers and radar motion detectors to radar solutions that can both open and simultaneously safeguard gates.


The optical OT59 sensors from ipf electronic are especially suitable for installation at doors with normal passage height. Due to their powerful background suppression, the operating range of these de-vices can be very precisely set to a maximum sensing range of 2500mm. The sensors with IP67 are available with a wear-free, electronic transistor output or alternatively with a relay output to, for exam-ple, allow the sensor to be integrated in a door control system. Devices for 24V as well as universal voltage versions for 230V are available. In addition, the time function included in device models OT590585 , OT590586 and OT595985 can be used to set a turn-on delay within 0.1 to 5.0s, thereby excluding any interference that could cause unintended switching of the sensors.


Extremely insensitive to dirt

The RT71 and RT55 radar sensors are ideal for movement monitoring and therefore for automatic actuation of industrial doors. A special feature for industrial applications is the extremely high insensitivity of radar sensors to soiling, making these solutions ideal for use in hostile production environ-ments. Furthermore, the setting options of the radar sensors make it possible to reliably eliminate interference caused by moving objects (e.g. branches) in the detection range of the sensors. The sensors of the RT71 series, with a large operating range of up to 7m and a tilt angle range from 0 to 180°, can detect very small movements (5cm/s) but are still less sensitive to rain and snow than pre-viously available systems. Owing to their robust and water-proof plastic housing with degree of pro-tection IP65, these radar sensors are predestined for outdoor use.

The RT55 motion sensors have an operating range of max. 6m and permit inclination angles of 0° to 90° (vertical) and -120° to +120° (lateral). With housings with degree of protection IP64, these sensors, which can also detect extremely small movements, are recommended for indoor use in industrial environments.


Economical alternative to induction loops

Depending on the configuration, the radar sensors offered by ipf electronic detect all objects either depending on or independent of the direction of movement, whereby direction-oriented detection offers the possibility of reducing the opening cycles of gates. Because the RT71 radar sensors can be used to mask out people so that only vehicles are detected, these devices are also an economical alternative to induction loops, which are expensive to install in the floor.


Contactless opening of doors and gates

The series of motion detectors is complemented by the RT45 radar sensors for flush mounting or surface mounting. As an alternative to pushbuttons, pull switches, or similar manual solutions for opening doors, these devices are equipped with a radar system that responds to every deliberate movement directed towards it. Thus, a door or gate is opened without needing to touch the switch. These sensors are therefore very well suited as, e.g., hygienic solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as for hospitals or gastronomy.


Two in one: open and safeguard

The radar sensors of the RO71 (photo) and RO57 series combine two functions in one device. The described radar technology enables dependable movement monitoring, and the integration of active infrared technology ensures reliable presence monitoring. Here is an example: If stationary objects or vehicles are located directly underneath a door or in its immediate vicinity, the door remains open for as long as the object or vehicle is in the detection range of the infrared sensor. The RO71 combination units with degree of protection IP65 are designed for a maximum operating range of 7m and the RO57 units for interior doors up to a height of 4m.


Fully automatic light barriers

The OYL2 fully automatic light barriers round off the comprehensive range of solutions for presence and movement monitoring. With their integrated electronics, a flat design of just 9mm, operating rang-es of 5m (optional: 10m) and lengths of 280mm to 3030mm, these light barriers are ideal for space-saving installation at the side of doors and gates. In addition to their extremely low sensitivity towards extraneous light and their short reaction times, the OYL2 light barriers also provide fast and fully au-tomatic sensitivity control using fuzzy logic.


Image caption: The radar sensors of the RO71 series (photo) enable both reliable movement monitoring as well as safe presence monitoring through the integration of active infrared technology.