Less with more

First fully electronic dual logic module from ipf


For more than 20 years, ipf electronic has been offering logic modules that logically link the outputs of several sensors, which significantly reduces the need for control inputs as well as the wiring effort. Now the sensor specialist presents the VL150102, the first fully electronic dual logic module.


The outputs of the sensors connected to the logic module are AND-linked via the integrated electronics. This means that the switching output of the distributor only becomes active when the switching outputs of both sensors are switched on simultaneously. Similar solutions already available on the market connect the connected devices in series via internal wiring. The switching output of the first sensor internally provides the operating voltage for the second sensor. The output of the second device is then the switching output of the distributor. Depending on the voltage drop or starting current of a sensor, this can lead to an unsafe switching behavior. Particularly with controls that require a certain voltage level, such series connections therefore always lead to problems.


The electronics of the new VL150102 logic module, on the other hand, ensures that "clean" signals are applied to the controller, just as if only one sensor was connected.


The switching state of the logic module output is indicated by an LED, which is clearly visible due to the transparent housing. The distance between the two M8 sockets for the sensor outputs has been dimensioned in such a way that there is enough space for two self-assembled plugs. The logic module VL150102 also offers a plus of flexibility in combination with other logic modules (e.g. solutions of the VL31 series from ipf electronic), because the AND-linked signals can be OR-linked with further signals.