All a matter of the settings…

… with a new concept, ipf has incorporated a tried and tested sensor into the range. Up until now, rigid fork light barriers with different gaps have had to have been kept in store for different applications. As a result, high costs were incurred for storage and procurement. In the future, the fork width range of 5 to 85mm and/or 5 to 145mm can be covered with four adjustable configurations. The available fork depths are 61 and/or 91mm. Variants are available with infrared light or red light. Even fast applications can be easily realized through high switching frequencies of up to 10kHz.


The application options are versatile: Through the optimum adjustment of the fork width, a narrow slit is as securely recognized in a thin panel as a large component on a conveyor belt. Subsequently changing the maximum fork width at a later stage is possible due to the modular construction.


The automatic power control and soiling compensation allows for quick and easy operation. After switching on, the ( OGV ) through-beam sensor is automatically adjusted to the set fork width. In addition, as soiling is permanently compensated for, constant sensitivity is assured. Another advantage: You can line the devices up directly as a series, without them influencing each other.


For special applications, there are manual settings which can be set via buttons on the device or via PC (by means of Interfacebox AO000199 ). The switching output is programmable as a PNP, NPN or push-pull final stage. In addition, it is possible to set pulse extensions, as well as light-on/dark-on mode. The connection is made via an M8-connector.