Highly flexible LED signal light EZ250320

The light portfolio of ipf electronic is constantly being expanded. The latest example of this is the LED signal light EZ250320. With its shapely aluminum housing it is a real eye-catcher. As a standard, the light has 5 segments on both sides, the colors of which are individually adjustable.


The segments can be set up individually. A control current of 10mA is sufficient for switching on. The standard equipment also includes an acoustic signal transmitter, which is clearly audible at a distance of 1m with 90dB. The electrical connection is made via an 8-pin M12-connector at the rear of the device. For mounting, 2 magnets are installed on the bottom side of the device, which allows a quick and safe installation, for example directly on a machine part. In addition, two M5 threaded holes are provided, which means that the assembly can be carried out indepen-dently of the carrier material. The mounting direction (horizontal or vertical) is irrelevant.


The new EZ250320 can be easily parameterized, and above all, application-specific, with the aid of the AE000019 programming device. The colors for the individual segments can thus be selected as desired. And the lighting area can also be flexibly divided into five, four, three and two elements or, depending on the application, also be used as a continuous element. In addition, both sides can be programmed independently of each other.


And because ipf electronic is constantly expanding its lighting portfolio, a version of the signal lamp with IO-Link interface is already under development.