New camera lights

In camera applications it is often necessary to use additional lighting in order to make important details visible to the camera and thus to make them analyzable. As our specialized camera lights have so far significantly exceeded the performance requirements of many customers, ipf electronic has now launched a new light series.


The portfolio currently includes the dome light EE500x70 with 50mm diameter and the dark field light EF750x70 with 75mm diameter, which replaces the AO000429. In addition, there are the transmitted light or surface area lights ED1E0x70 with a light field of 100mm x 100mm and EDLE0x70 with a light field of 100mm x 200mm. Finally, the EL400x70 line light with a length of 410mm and the ER700x70 ring light with a diameter of 70mm (inner diameter 50mm) complete our new range. The lights are available in different wavelengths and can thus further increase the image quality, reduce disturbing glare (infrared) or make fluorescent markings visible (UV). All lights of this series can be connected directly to our C-Mount systems and switched by them. This significantly reduces the wiring effort and increases the user‘s ease of use.


Further models and variants of these lights are in the planning stage, including ring lights with focused beam characteristics, surface area lights with breakthrough (for use as „flat domes") and variants of the already available lights in other sizes.