Oldies but Goldies …

...does not only apply to good music or exciting classic cars. We are a little proud to present here some sensors that have been in the ipf portfolio for a long time, yet which still allow reliable solutions in different process applications.


The OL400321, a fiber optic amplifier, is also a classic in the portfolio of ipf electronic. The die-cast aluminum housing is extremely robust and offers already integrated fixtures for screw mounting. With a variety of fiber optics available as diffuse-reflection or through-beam sensors, optical object detection can be realized even in installation positions that are difficult to access.


In addition, the fiber optic cables that can be connected to this amplifier have the advantage that they are much more robust than plastic fiber optic cables and can therefore also be used at higher ambient temperatures. With the corresponding glass fiber versions, even temperatures up to 300°C are possible. A potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment and the DIP switches for sensor configuration are located under the removable amplifier cover; npn/pnp and light-on/dark-on mode are programmable. A variant of this amplifier is the OL400721 with increased switching frequency and further adjustment possibilities.