Oldies but Goldies …

...does not only apply to good music or exciting classic cars. We are a little proud to present here some sensors that have been in the ipf portfolio for a long time, yet which still allow reliable solutions in different process applications..


The FI520170 is at first sight an unusual level sensor. At that time, it was developed by us for a special customer requirement to control bulk materials in sorting equipment and conveyor systems.


In the „head" of the sensor there is a cuboidal inductive sensor and at the joint foot of the 200mm long plastic pendulum rod a small metal plate. The vertically hanging pendulum or the metal plate in the pendulum foot actuates the inductive sensor (empty signal). Bulk material moves the pendulum or takes it with it, so to speak, so that the inductive sensor is no longer actuated (full signal). This form of bulk material monitoring is less complicated than, for example, with an optical solution, which is hardly adjustable in vibratory or shaking conveyors due to the constant vibrations and movements. The development of the FI520170 proved to be a lasting success. Due to the demand for this sensor, variants with different pendulum lengths or stainless steel joints (for more stable guidance) were added over the years.