Optical sensors Q8

The optical sensors of the Q8 series from ipf are offered as light barriers, retro-reflective sensors or as diffuse-reflection sensors. These compact sensors have very small dimensions, a switching frequency of 1kHz and an industrially high degree of protection of IP67. The optical sensors are available with PUR connection cables more than 2,000mm long. Three sensors within the portfolio have a 300mm long cable with M8-connector. Depending on the dimensions, various brackets are avail-
able for mounting the devices (e.g. AO000075, AO000076 & AY000116).


The sensors are used in applications with confined spaces, e.g. for the detection of small but also larger objects, for positioning tasks, for edge detection or for contactless position detection of objects with different surface finishes and geometries. An integrated dual LED (orange and green) indicates the switching status and the functional reserve of the sensors. The transmitter works with a red light LED, which simplifies the adjustment and alignment. The devices OYQ80300 and ORQ80571 can be used for both light switching and dark switching.


The ORQ80571 and OTQ80576 are new to the range and have a PIN point LED with a very small light spot for exact alignment to an object to be detected. The OTQ80576 also offers precise background suppression, which allows, for example, the detection of objects with different colors. The range of the OYQ80300 light barrier is 2000mm, the switching distances of the OTQ8 diffuse-reflection sensors range from 5mm to 160mm and the ORQ8 retro-reflective sensors operate in the range from 30mm to 200mm. The maximum range of the new retro-reflective light barrier ORQ80571 is 3,000mm. Depending on the sensor, the sensitivity is adjusted either by potentiometer or teach-in. The new ORQ80571 and OTQ80576 sensors allow adjustment either with a ferromagnetic tool or via an IO-Link interface. The OTQ80576 also has a programmable window function