Accessories - Reflectors and reflective film


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accessories optical, reflector, Ø20mm 6high, Self-adhesive, PMMA+PMMA, Polarized

Accessories - Reflectors and reflective film

In order to operate a retro-reflective sensor with polarizing filter, the use of reflectors with prismatic mirrors is absolutely necessary. All our reflectors fulfill this condition. The special feature of this system lies in the polarizing filters located in front of the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter emits a polarized electromagnetic wave, which is rotated 90° by the prismatic mirrors in the oscillation axis and reflected back again. The receiving optical system with polarizing filter is only transmissive for waves that are turned by 90°. Thus, even the detection of high-glossy objects is possible, since the light directly reflected from the object is not evaluated. Special reflectors for laser sensors are available. The honeycomb structure of these reflectors is significantly finer than with conventional ones. For outdoor use, we offer reflectors with integrated heating, which prevents fogging. For tight spaces, self-adesive reflected film in various widths is available by the metre.

Mechanical properties

Ambient temperature
-25 - 70°C
Mounting type
Material of optical surface
Outer diameter
Classification Class
eClass 7.0 27279203
eClass 7.1 27279203
eClass 8.0 27279203
eClass 9.0 27273601
eClass 9.1 27273601
ETIM-6.0 EC002467
ETIM-7.0 EC002467
Property Value
Customs tariff number 39269097
IPF Product Group 900 accessories
packaging dimensions 100 x 5 x 120mm
gross weight 3g
WEEE number 40951076