Tool - Hexagon socket


List price
171,70 €
Tool, torque wrench, screwdriver model, Internal hexagon 4mm, With scale, resolution 0.05Nm
including 1x Wrench insert, WAF 9, 1x Wrench insert, WAF 13, 1x Adjusting wrench

Tool - Hexagon socket

Torque wrench, e.g. for secure attachment of connection cables to distribution terminals. The tightening torque can be set using the enclosed adjusting wrench. The adjustment range is between 0.4 and 1Nm. A wrench socket with WAF9mm (for M8 cable connectors/sockets) and a wrench socket with WAF13mm (for M12 cable connectors/sockets) are included in the scope of delivery.

Electrical properties

mechanical scale
Version of the acoustic signal generator
mechanical crackling

Mechanical properties

Adjustable torque
0.4 - 1Nm
Accuracy of scaling
Step for size adjustment

Other properties

Internal hexagon

Torque wrench WAF 9 / WAF 13

Classification Class
eClass 7.0 21045016
eClass 7.1 21045016
eClass 8.0 21045016
eClass 9.0 21045016
eClass 9.1 21045016
ETIM-6.0 EC002132
ETIM-7.0 EC002132
Property Value
Customs tariff number 82041100
IPF Product Group 900 accessories
packaging dimensions 50 x 50 x 220mm
gross weight 234g
RoHS‑compliant Yes
WEEE number 40951076