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Parameterizable encoders from ipf electronic

Immediately available, individually adjustable

The VD58982x incremental encoders from ipf electronic can be parameterized on site. Therefore, these solutions are immediately available and ready for immediate use.

Incremental encoders are ideally suited for angle of rotation or speed measurements, as they convert a rotary motion into a digital output signal that can be processed by subsequent evaluation electronics. In solutions that operate according to the optical scanning principle, a pulse disc with repeating line graduation is located inside the device and scanned by an optical system.

A decisive drawback is that, since the graduation must be specified at the factory, a separate device version is required for each individual graduation, resulting in a wide range of products. The user therefore needs to keep a corresponding stock of different variants.

The parameterizable incremental encoders from ipf electronic are different. They can be set directly on site with a PC via USB interface and thus flexibly adjusted to the required number of pulses (between 1 and 65536 pulses) per revolution. The encoders provide two signals per output (push-pull), shifted by 90 degrees from each other, for the highest possible resolution. A total of three encoder types with a housing diameter of 58mm are available: the VD589820 with 6mm solid shaft, the VD589821 with 10mm solid shaft and the VD589822 with 12mm hollow shaft.

All parameterizable encoders are designed for operating temperatures from -20° C to +80° C, have a supply voltage range from 5 to 30V DC and impress with their high shock and vibration resistance.

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5/5-color Euroscale + matt varnish
Image print matt 200g/m²
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RoHS‑compliant Yes
Reach-compliant Yes
IPF Product Group 006 Print media
packaging dimensions 210 x 0.1 x 297mm
gross weight 13g
Customs tariff number 49111090
WEEE number 40951076