Flow sensors - Sensors for air


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Flow sensor, air, calorimetric, G 1/2", connection to amplifier, M12-connector, VA, pressure resistance 30bar
including Sealing ring

Flow sensors - Sensors for air

The function of the flow sensor is based on the calorimetric principle. The probe is heated up from the inside a few degrees Celsius in relation to the flow medium, in which it protrudes. When the medium flows, the heat generated in the probe is dissipated through the medium. The temperature within the sensor is measured and compared with the likewise measured medium temperature. From the obtained temperature difference the flow state of each medium can be derived. These sensors are applied in areas such as monitoring of cooling systems, ventilation systems, pump dry running by checking the presence of liquid or gas flows.

Measuring range Flow velocity in air
0.5 - 30

Electrical properties

Response/decay time
Type of electrical connection
Connector M12
Readiness delay
Measurement principle
Connection to amplifier

Mechanical properties

Type of process connection
G1/2 inch
Cylinder, screw-thread
Pressure resistance
Thread length
Medium temperature
-20 - 80°C
Degree of protection (IP)
Housing material
Stainless steel 1.4305
Sensing element material
Stainless steel 1.4305
Measuring range flow velocity
0.5 - 30m/s

Other properties

Suitable for
Ambient temperature
-20 - 80°C
Reference medium / object
For pneumatic applications
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Cable sockets M12 5-wire shielded

Cable sockets M12 3-wire

Amplifier flow sensors

Adapter M12 socket 3-pin / M8 connector 3-pin

Cable sockets M12 5-pin field attachable

Cable sockets M12 4-pin field attachable

Classification Class
eClass-7.0 27371815
eClass-7.1 27371815
eClass-8.0 27371815
eClass-9.0 27371815
eClass-9.1 27371815
ETIM-6.0 EC002580
ETIM-7.0 EC002580
Property Value
RoHS‑compliant Yes
Reach-compliant Yes
IPF Product Group 300 flow sensors
packaging dimensions 43 x 43 x 105mm
gross weight 140g
Customs tariff number 90268020
WEEE number 40951076