connection technology - distribution terminals


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kabeld,verteiler Zn,5pol,8fach,M12 Metall,mit Kupplung M20x1,5

sensor-actuator distributor VK000020

The wiring of sensors and actors is considerably more comfortable with our sensor distribution box. The individual devices are connected with the distrubutor via an M8 or M12 cable that is pre-assembled on both sides. By means of the trunk line the effort for laying and wiring the cables can be reduced significantly. The operating mode display provides information about the sensors operating mode (operatig voltage, switching state). Thus, troubleshooting is simpler, as an overview about the functioning of the connected periphery is directly given.

Mechanical features

Housing material
Zinc die-cast

Electrical features

Number of pins
Type of branches for sensor/actuator cables
Number of sensor/actuator slots
Type of cable gland
M20 x 1.5

M12 blank plug

Cable sockets M12-socket M12-connector 4-wire

Cable connectors M12 4-pin field-attachable

Cable connectors M12 5-pin field-attachable

Cable 16x0.34+3x0.75

eClass 7.027279219
eClass 7.127279219
eClass 8.027279219
eClass 9.027440108
eClass 9.127440108
IPF Product Group855
shipping weight0.92kg
packaging dimensions138.0mm x 95.0mm x 210mm
customs tariff number85366990