Connection technology - Cable sockets / connectors pre-assembled on one side


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Connection cable, 20m, M9 Male (connector) 8pin Angular, Free conductor end, 8wire, PUR (Polyurethane)

Connection technology - Cable sockets / connectors pre-assembled on one side

ipf cable sockets are used primarily for establishing the electrical connection of sensors. Their features are characterized by rugged design, the highest protection classes (IP67 | IP68 | IP69K) and, if desired, with 360° shielding. With the features: bus-ready, suitable for use with drag chains and robots, resistance to oil and chemicals, resistance to welding sparks, their resistance to cleaning agents or high-pressure and steam-jet cleaning, the expanded temperature range of up to +230°C, the rapid interconnection technology and special data transmission properties, the cable sockets meet all requirements in automation technology.

Electrical properties

Number of pins of A connection
Type of A electrical connection
Type of plug-in contact, A connection
Male (connector)
Type of B electrical connection
Free conductor end

Mechanical properties

Number of cores
Cable infeed of A connection
Cable length
Material of cable sheath
PUR (Polyurethane)

Other properties

Connection cable
Classification Class
eClass 7.0 27279218
eClass 7.1 27279218
eClass 8.0 27279218
eClass 9.0 27060311
eClass 9.1 27060311
ETIM-6.0 EC001855
ETIM-7.0 EC001855
Property Value
Customs tariff number 85444290
IPF Product Group 856 cable socket / cable connector (diverse)
packaging dimensions 250 x 40 x 350mm
gross weight 150g
WEEE number 40951076