practical application examples

The smart complete solution by ipf electronic

Time and time again, customers demand to upgrade an older machine with the latest requirements. Since not always an electrician is ready at hand, this...

Always keep the overview

Color sensor monitors automated filling process

The sum of all requirements counts - Sensor masters challenges

Dirt, dust, high temperatures and other harsh environmental conditions of a foundry make a considerable difference to sensor technology. On a cooling...

Far more robust - Special sensors for special requirements

The attribute "robust" can mean a lot in sensors with regard to the ambient conditions. This application in an automated continous pickling line for...

Special requirements demand special solutions

Reliable metal detection in the foundry industry

Specialist relies on expertise - Magnetic polarity check during the running production process

Automation solutions increase the efficiency and profitability of the processing industry. If very special investments are required, it is a task for...

IO-Link enabled inductive sensors

1. Long-lasting reduction of downtimes and costs 2. Minimized storage and higher flexibility