An eye from gray

Recognize more than 4000 gradations

Anyone who sits down in a car and lets their gaze wander will get an idea of how many different shades of gray there are in the materials used, even in such a small space.

Although some shades of gray are indistinguishable to the naked eye even in very good lighting conditions, their nuances provide the perfect color interplay for an appealing, intrinsically harmonious interior, from interior trim to imitation leather to fastening clips.

For the automotive industry and its suppliers, it is therefore particularly important to be able to check such products or components or materials for their exact gray level in ongoing production processes.

In order to be able to reliably inspect a very wide range of different gray levels, a high resolution of the sensors is crucial.

In addition, they must reliably detect even highly reflective parts, e.g. painted components such as exterior mirrors, door handles or in the bumper. Color sensors of the OF35 and OF70 series from ipf electronic were developed for these tasks, among others.

Since they can recognize even the finest shades of gray, these devices can be used in other interesting fields, e.g. for sorting gravel.

The complete application report can be found in the following PDF file.