''A 100 percent success''

Reliably detecting codes on different glass materials for tracking in a production process at all times is not easy, as a manufacturer
of special glass had to learn. With high-performance camera sensors and adapted lighting technology, however, the problems,
which were always associated with production stops, could be solved in the long term.


Glass is not just glass, and with coatings just a few nanometers thick, its material properties and functions can be decisively changed. One
person who can tell a lot of interesting things about this is Peter Röhlen, Managing Director of Prinz Optics GmbH, based in Stromberg
(Hunsrück). ''Not many people do what we do. That's because of the dip coatings alone, using the very rare sol-gel process. We're one of
the few companies in the world using that on an industrial scale.''