Rotary encoder

As different as the designations are, as diverse are the areas of application. Encoders, rotary encoders, rotary pulse encoders or angle encoders etc. are used in many industrial sectors for a wide variety of tasks, for example, in machine tools, CNC machines, systems in the wood industry and storage technology, bending machines, conveyor systems, measuring and testing equipment, motors, and, and, and. Whether rotational speed, angle, direction, length, displacement or velocity, the range of applications for encoders and the like is extremely broad.


In view of the large selection of potential solutions for a wide variety of applications, this whitepaper deals with a few selected technologies for encoders, their mode of operation and application-specific advantages in the sense of an orientation guide. In this context, however, no claim is made to completeness, as a detailed description of the entire subject would exceed the scope of a whitepaper.