Sensors for the detection of transparent objects

In industry, there is a large number of applications and process sequences in which transparent objects or materials must be detected. As in all other areas of application, the sensor solutions in question should be optimally matched to the corresponding tasks. Nevertheless, users in this context are repeatedly confronted with new challenges in practice, which can, however, be mastered in most cases with sensor technology that is optimally aligned to the respective area of application. Basically, however, this first raises the question of which sensor or which technology is generally suitable for the detection of specific transparent objects or materials and which advantages but also disadvantages can be associated with the use of different solutions in concrete applications.


ipf electronic has decades of experience in this field and can therefore contribute to the topic of this white paper not only with a wide-ranging sensor portfolio, but above all with extensive expert knowledge based primarily on concrete solutions that have been implemented for customers from very different industries. In addition, ipf electronic is continuously expanding its range of products, with the latest developments being specifically designed for the detection of transparent objects/materials.