LED industrial lights

LED lights are now indispensable in professional industrial applications, e.g. for the illumination of production halls, warehouses or workplaces. Here and there, so-called fluorescent tubes and halogen lamps still exist, but a replacement must be found at the latest after a defect. Here, the choice usually falls on solutions with LEDs, since the supply of halogen lamps on the market is visibly dwindling and procurement is thus becoming more difficult. On the other hand, it is foreseeable that some luminaires with tubular fluorescent lamps (fluorescent tubes) will also lose their approval in the foreseeable future, which in turn means that alternatives with LEDs will gain in importance.


Against this background, however, the question arises as to what should be considered when selecting LED industrial lights with regard to their specific locations? An answer to this question is not easy, as a great many factors play an important role with regard to a suitable LED solution. Nevertheless, in order to provide some orientation, this white paper focuses on presenting the most important parameters on the subject of light as well as lighting and, in this context, on presenting some solutions from ipf electronic's portfolio of LED industrial lights.


You can find the complete report in the PDF file below.