LED lights: An alternative to "halogen floodlights" and lights with fluorescent lamps

LED lamps have established themselves in the consumer market in many cases as an alternative to incandescent lamps (EU ban since 2009) and other solutions as a light source. In terms of the professional use of LEDs – e.g. for illuminating production halls, warehouses and workplaces – the question of which solutions using conventional lamps can be replaced by LEDs is increasingly being raised

This is difficult to answer, since many factors play an important role in selecting a suitable LED solution as a substitute for conventional lamps which have occasionally varied widely up until now. Since, for example, machine lights, especially halogen lamps, in so-called floodlights and tubular fluorescent lamps for workplace lights are increasingly being replaced by LED lights, this white paper concentrates on both these technologies. It is on this basis that the most important parameters concerning light and illumination will be presented and some solutions from ipf electronic's product range of LED lights shall be considered.