Solutions for food production

Global food production is confronted with a wide range of challenges and as a result, is constantly evolving. Particularly in view of a growing global population, the global change of the earth's climate, but also in exceptional circumstances such as a global pandemic, it is growing in importance as a system-relevant industry. Moreover, as the needs of consumers are constantly changing, the processes within the food industry must become increasingly efficient, and must do so while simultaneously using resources as sparingly as possible.

The various requirements on production systems with respect to their parameters (e.g. temperature, duration of individual process steps, processing speed, etc.) as well as the characteristics of the used media (e.g. solid, liquid, gaseous, acidic, alkaline, but also grain size, viscosity, volume and shape) make it difficult to establish standards in this area. This applies to among other things, the many different cleaning processes as, for example a dairy plant must be cleaned in a fundamentally different way than a plant for cereal flakes, to give just two examples.