Flow sensors

Flow sensors – or more precisely, thermodynamic flow sensors – monitor flows or measure the flow velocity of media in closed systems (e.g., pipelines). In the past, so-called flap sensors or paddle switches were used for these tasks, whereby the moveable and, thus, mechanically constructed measurement elements (flap, paddle) were located directly in the media flow. As a result, such solutions were extremely susceptible to soiling. If deposits formed on the mechanical measurement elements, the error-free function of the devices could be limited or, in extreme cases, fail outright. A flap sensor or paddle switch would then output an IO signal even if, e.g., no flow was present. Thus, an always reliable measurement or monitoring of a media flow could not be realized with such solutions.


Thermodynamic flow sensors, on the other hand, function with no moving parts, thereby excluding the possibility of malfunctions or failures due to soiling or damaged mechanical components. The reliability of such devices is, therefore, greatly valued in many areas of industry. Reason enough to explore this technology in greater detail in this white paper.


The complete White Paper you will find in the following PDF file.