Our developers are curious. They are so curious that they never tire of designing new products based on your requirements / applications and developing them until they are ready for serial production. The challenge they set themselves: ‘Everything must run like clockwork’ this is what drives us!

„Oh, how cute!“

Diffuse reflection sensors of series

Even more little critters

Through-beam sensors of the series

Custom special solutions from ipf

Standard sensors are not always the best choice, e.g. if their installation and replacement would require significant work in the event of servicing....

New ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link

Diffuse reflection sensors or retro-reflective sensors?

New selector for high-performance light barriers

For some time now, our company has had the desire to present the possible device combinations for our high-performance light barriers, consisting of a...

Don't touch, just move!

In times of Corona and the associated distance and hygiene measures, ipf electronic can support you in the automatic opening of doors and gates with...

Compact air flow sensor

Compressed air is one of the most widely used resources in industry. Since its generation causes immensely high energy costs, compressed air...