The "little one" gets an addition

In many applications, there is simply no room for conventional sensors. That is why ipf electronic added the PTQ80576 miniature laser sensor to its portfolio back in 2018. Smallest dimensions, several setting options based on an innovative teach-in system, a transmitter element with laser protection class 1 and a reliable background suppression for an almost color-independent object detection convinced our customers. 


Due to the positive response, ipf electronic has now decided to expand the product series with a laser throughbeam light barrier and a laser reflex light barrier. The laser through-beam light barrier achieves ranges of up to 4m and consists of the transmitter PSQ80076 and the receiver PEQ80376. For the PRQ80376 laser retro-reflective sensor with ranges of 0.1-3m, the AP000048 / AP000049 reflectors are available. The connection is made via an M8 cable connector.


The new sensors are very easy to align due to the precise, bright laser LED (protection class 1) and are able to reliably detect even small parts. Thanks to their technical features as well as their compact dimensions and low weight, the devices also meet high requirements in the smallest of spaces. The new products are complemented by the AO000075 and AO000076 mounting brackets and the AY000116 universal holder as mounting aids..