ipf ensures constant quality control in laser welding

Consistently high product quality is nowadays an important building block for high customer satisfaction. In this context, targeted control procedures can ensure that products are manufactured and delivered in continuously high quality. To meet these requirements, a company specialized in the processing of various metal components using different welding processes would like to monitor a specific welding process in real time. Therefore, in order to be able to assess the melt during laser welding, the process is to be recorded with a camera and the results subsequently analyzed and logged.


Not an easy undertaking, as practice shows: During welding, the light emitted by the plasma can cause the camera images to fade. Due to overexposure, a large part of the image information is therefore lost for quality control. The desired system had to avoid such problems and be able to continuously record the fast-moving process of laser welding in order to be able to assess the result of the work in its details. In addition, the solution had to be as compact as possible, since only a very small installation space was available for the camera including illumination. All requirements and also challenges that the high-speed cameras OC29 from ipf electronic can master.


With these systems, fast-running industrial processes with very high frame rates (images per second) can be easily recorded, stored and subsequently analyzed. In combination with free software, possible causes for interferences or errors and subsequently also potentials for process optimization are thus identified quickly, economically and in an uncomplicated manner. To avoid the fading already mentioned due to the light emitted by the plasma during the welding process, a combination of several lens filters was used in this application for the OC299725 monochrome camera, which allow only the light waves desired for image recording to pass through. Additional illumination also ensures that sufficient light is still available for usable image recording.


Thanks to the high-speed camera system from ipf electronic, the company can now precisely record and analyze the laser welding process. Possible problems are thus quickly identified, allowing the welding process to be optimized in a targeted manner. In addition, the recordings can be archived for complete documentation of the welding quality.