Small all-rounder with robust shell and intelligent core

The proven PT16 laser diffuse-reflection sensor series has been used for many years for high-precision measurement tasks in harsh environments and confined spaces. The devices, measuring only 37x34x12mm, are installed in a robust metal housing with M8-connector and a scratch-resistant glass front. The laser class 1 sensors detect the object distance by triangulation, i.e. via a precise angle measurement between the transmitted laser light and the radiation reflected on a receiver line.


The new PT169070 has a measuring range of 16-26mm with a repeatability of 1μm, making it suitable for high-precision tasks. The reproducibility of the PT169071, designed for measurements up to 120mm, is 13μm. Thanks to the integrated IO-Link interface, the laser diffuse-reflection sensors now offer a significantly higher range of functions and thus expand the potential range of applications. While the function for setting the measuring range via the teach button is retained as with the previous device variants, a floating zero can now also be optionally activated via this button. This can now be done even more conveniently and precisely via the IO-Link interface. In addition to the options of transmitting the measured value either via an analog 4-20mA signal or via IOLink to the higher-level controller, the diffuse-reflection sensor can now also be operated directly as a switching device in point or window mode.


For dynamic applications, e.g. the detection of objects on a conveyor belt, a μs-precisely adjustable interval trigger function is available. In addition, the solutions offer a total of four different filter functions that can be used to influence the smoothing or averaging of the signal, depending on the application. A customer-specific filter setting, for example to suppress individual measurement errors, is also possible.